A lawless world

Have you ever tried to imagine what would our lives be if law did not exist? What would humanity look like now if there were no regulations, no guidelines and rules at all? Would people manage to find a way to balance everything and actually be able to live in a more free and liberated way?

It is the view of many people that law has a lot of bad sides and affects societies in a wrong way. They give examples with countries that do not have a proper law system and in such countries there are actually less crimes, scams and things like that. There was a research that was carried out in one of those countries. People put different regulations and procedures – just a basic type of law, and things suddenly got really bad.

People started to offend each other, to be hostile and to threaten each other more. Everybody was looking if the others do something wrong and immediately want to have justice for it even if it was for simple and trivial things. When the situation began to get much worse the scientists decided that it would be better to stop the research and bring things back to normal.

So it turns out that people would have coped with life even if law never existed. Then why is it so hard and even impossible for us to imagine our lives without it? Seems like once we have put restrictions and regulations to ourselves we could never get rid of them. We will always look for the firm and solid foundation that law is supposed to give to societies. It is like a closed circle – once you are in, you cannot get out.

Of course, law has many good sides too. We could only guess what our lives would be like if we had no law policy but surely many people would feel much more threatened if there were no restrictions at all. However, things still have more to develop – in many countries the law system is very corrupted – something with which the very law is supposed to deal with.

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